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Psi Rho Omega: Financial Fast Next Steps

Published on 1/6/2020
Happy New Year!! Happy New Decade!!! Happy 2020!!!!

2020 is the year of clarity, expansion, and reward!! It’s also a leap year which means that we have 366 days to reach our goals! Remember all those times you wished you had more time in a day, well, the year 2020 is here to deliver!!

Before we get down to business, we want to personally thank each one of you for attending the “Building Your Economic Legacy Workshop” on November 9th. We were absolutely blessed to have you in attendance! And we cannot say enough about the incredible and valuable knowledge shared with us by Mary Grate-Pyos, Dominique H. Brown, and David Hodnett! Truly inspiring and invigorating!!

So, what are your next steps? Holiday shopping is over, budgets are springing back into order and we are going to capitalized on this moment and begin this new year, new decade with our 21 day Financial Fast. As referenced in your “My Financial Commitment,” we will take control of our financia